Why Is My Horse’s Eye Cloudy?

Immune-mediated keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea that can cause a cloudy equine eye.

If the horse’s eye is moderately or severely painful, some other conditions should come to mind, including: Uveitis, a painful and debilitating condition that is the leading cause of blindness in horses; and – Glaucoma.

How can you tell if your horse is going blind?

Vision changes can be slight or can developed into only seeing shadows or progress to total blindness. Signs of falling vision in horses can be, (and not limited to), bumping into walls or fences, signs of not wanting to move forward, or anxious or skittish behavior.

What does it mean when your vision is foggy?

Blurry vision is the loss of sharpness of eyesight, making objects appear out of focus and hazy. The primary causes of blurred vision are refractive errors — nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism — or presbyopia. Cloudy vision usually is a symptom of specific conditions such as cataracts.

Why is the white of my horse’s eye red?

The sclera is a good indicator of the circulatory health of the horse, and also of the health of the eye. A bloodshot eye is an important finding that can mean a variety of things. It can result from traumatic injury, infection, inflammation, a foreign body, or be an indication of a body-wide (systemic) disease.

What do you do if your horse’s eye is swollen?


  • You should have salt or saline solution in your kit. Clean the area very gently with a saline solution.
  • Put a fly mask on the horse to keep flies off of the eye area.
  • If possible keep your horse in subdued light such as its stall until the veterinarian arrives.

How do you test a horse’s eyesight?

Cover one of your horse’s eyes with a fly mask or blinder, then toss cotton balls or gauze pads into the field of vision of the other eye. Watch to see whether he follows the objects with his uncovered eye. Place a garden hose on the ground and walk your horse over it on a loose lead, then repeat with each eye covered.

What can cause a horse to go blind?

Causes of Moon Blindness in Horses

  1. Possible exposure to Leptospira bacteria.
  2. Parasites.
  3. Viruses.
  4. Fungi.
  5. Trauma.

Can stress cause cloudy vision?

States of extreme tension and stress can also be the cause of blurred vision. In some cases, this is the result of prolonged exposure to a highly stressful state, and the blurred vision results due to constriction to circulation as well as a response to the high levels of hormones that are present during stress.

Can dehydration cause cloudy vision?

As a symptom of dehydration, the best treatment for dry eye is rehydrating by drinking plenty of water. Tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches and double vision are all symptoms of eye strain. As with dry eye, eye strain caused by dehydration can result when the eye is not properly lubricated.

Can dry eyes cause cloudiness?

People with dry eyes may experience irritated, gritty, scratchy or burning eyes; a feeling of something in their eyes; excess watering; and blurred vision. Advanced dry eyes may damage the front surface of the eye and impair vision.