Why Do Horses Get Scared So Easily?

Often a horse’s natural reaction to something that it doesn’t understand is to spook or shy.

A spook is usually a startled jump sideways, or a quick change of direction with the intention to flee.

In the wild, this quick reaction is a response that would allow a horse to flee a predator very quickly.

Do horses know when you’re scared?

A horse that senses his human friend is calm and soothing knows there is nothing to fear, can then feel safe and react calmly. It’s comforting to know horses can’t really smell our fear, but they’re masters at using their other senses to pick it up.

What scares a horse?

Bark, growl, mimic a whip crack, clap your hands or swear really loudly. These noises tend to be the ones that horses find the most frightening. The horse or pony should move off at a gallop or a walk. Repair any damage the horse or pony has done to your camp.

How do horses act when they are scared?

The vast majority of accidents with horses are due to the horse being afraid and responding to that fear through bolting, bucking, jumping to the side, leaping forward, kicking, striking, rearing, etc. When a horse acts in fear, they become very unpredictable.

Are horses scared of humans?

Horses can interpret the body language of other creatures, including humans, whom they view as predators. If socialized to human contact, horses usually respond to humans as a non-threatening predator.