Quick Answer: What Is Rye Hay Used For?

Rye grain is used to make alcoholic drinks, like rye whiskey and rye beer.

Other uses of rye grain include kvass and an herbal medicine known as rye extract.

Rye straw is used as livestock bedding, as a cover crop and green manure for soil amendment, and to make crafts such as corn dollies.

Is ryegrass good for hay?

Ryegrass Types for Pasture and Hay. Increased awareness of ryegrass as a potential forage has occurred in the upper Midwest. Ryegrasses are excellent, high quality forage, establishing rapidly and producing good yield in the seeding year if cool (50 to 75°F) exist and adequate moist is available.

What is rye grass used for?

Annual Ryegrass is a cool season grass generally used as a temporary planting for overseeding warm or cool season grasses. Its uses are many, including temporary pastures, green manure, temporary coverage for erosion control, short term use on reclamation sites, parks, new lawns, and along highway shoulders.

Why is rye grass bad for horses?

1. Modern ryegrasses have been developed to suit modern agriculture, but are low in fibre and produce far too much sugar for horses. High sugar grasses such as agricultural ryegrass can also lead to obesity in horses, which may cause diabetes or insulin resistance leading to heart problems.

Is Rye the same as ryegrass?

As Different as Apples and Oranges

But because they share the word “rye” in their names, many growers and seed dealers confuse the two cover crops. Basically, annual ryegrass (lolium multiflorum) is a cool season grass while cereal rye (Secale cereale) is a grain, with growth characteristics much like wheat.