Quick Answer: What Is Hay Belly In Horses?

What Is Hay Belly?

The term “hay belly” refers to a distended abdomen on a horse.

The belly area appears pendulous, sticking out on the sides and hanging down low.

Hay belly often makes a horse look underweight, with protruding ribs and a lack of padding and muscles on the neck, shoulders, and haunches.21 Jun 2019

How do I get rid of my horses hay belly?

Treatment of Hay Belly in Horses

  • Begin feeding him a better quality of hay.
  • If your horse is on pasture, provide him good quality hay as a supplement to his grazing.
  • Feed your horse a protein supplement like grain.

Can horses get fat on hay?

Horses can over-eat on grass, especially if the pasture is lush, but it is also easy to let a horse get too fat eating hay. And, sometimes too little hay can mean a horse will lose weight. Ponies will require considerably less, while large draft breeds can eat 30 pounds (13.6 kg) a day or more.18 Nov 2018

Why does my horse look bloated?

Causes of Bloating. Bloating is typically caused when a horse eats or drinks too much, filling the stomach with more than can pass comfortably through the digestive system. Your horse may also bloat when he’s suffering from a blocked or twisted intestine that will not allow food to pass through his digestive system.

Should a horse’s ribs show?

Ribs: You should be able to feel — but not see — a healthy horse’s ribs. Tailhead/Croup: In a too-thin horse, the tailhead is prominent is easily seen. Withers: This varies between breeds, but if your horse is too thin, the shape of the withers will be very visible.15 Feb 2012