Quick Answer: What Is A Horse Fleece Used For?

A fleece blanket for a horse is also excellent against the horse’s skin, and keeps its coat in fine condition.

It can also be used as a heavier blanket with a nylon shell added as an outer layer.

Fleece is an excellent choice, both for clipped horses, and for horses with long coats.

What is the purpose of a horse cooler?

A cooler helps to slowly bring a horse’s body temperature back to normal after a workout, keeps a clipped horse warm while being groomed and wicks moisture from a wet horse’s coat while keeping him from catching a chill.

What is a fleece rug used for?

Fleece rugs are breathable and warm and can be used as a light stable rug, a travel rug, an under rug or as a substitute for a cooler rug. A fly rug or fly sheet is a lightweight fine mesh rug that offers protection to horses from biting flies and insects during the summer.

What is a fleece cooler for horses?

Loveson Fleece Cooler

Horse cooler blankets protect your equine friend from drafts after a good workout. Horse cooling sheets wick away moisture while keeping the horse warm. Horse coolers come in fleece, cotton or wool in almost any color you can imagine.

What is the difference between a horse blanket and sheet?

Stable sheets and blankets are intended to be used while the horse is stabled indoors, while being trailered or while being otherwise supervised. Turnout sheets and blankets are intended to be used while the horse is outdoors in his paddock or field.