Question: What Are Some Baby Animal Names?

  • Fox: pup, cub or kit.
  • Goat: kid.
  • Hare: leveret.
  • Hedgehog: piglet or pup.
  • Hippopotamus: calf.
  • Horse: foal, colt (male) or filly (female)
  • Kangaroo: joey.
  • Mole: pup.

What is Tiger baby called?

or a cub and a baby fox can also be called a kit.

What is goat baby called?

According to Goat World, a baby goat is called a kid.

A kid is considered any baby goat under 6 months of age. The term is used for both male and female goats. Billy is also a name used for a male goat.

What is goat baby called in English?

All goats under 6 months of age are called kids. Once a female goat has reached maturity, she is called a doe. A mature male goat is called a buck. When a male goat is castrated, he is called a wether. Our version of “kid” derives from the German “kinder” for child.