Question: Is There Any Side Effect Of Kissing?

Kissing can transmit many germs, including those that cause cold sores, glandular fever and tooth decay.

Saliva can transmit various diseases, which means that kissing is a small but significant health risk.

It’s not all doom and gloom.

What are the side effects of kissing?

7 Horrifying Things That Can Happen When You Kiss

  • It can expose you to nasty bacteria that make you feel miserable.
  • It can spread viruses like mononucleosis and meningitis that can put you out for weeks, if not months.
  • It can lead to a sexually transmitted infection.
  • It can lead to cold sores.
  • It can expose you to blood-borne viruses like HIV.
  • It can cause cavities.

What are the effects of kissing a girl?

Kissing naturally relaxes you.

Scientific reports say kissing increases the levels of oxytocin, the body’s natural calming chemical and also increased endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals. Swapping spit is also noted to increase dopamine, which aids in feelings of romantic attachment.

What can you catch from kissing?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might want to be careful who you kiss.

  1. Rubella:
  2. Mumps:
  3. Polio:
  4. Meningitis:
  5. Herpes:
  6. Gum Disease:
  7. Cytomegalovirus:
  8. Mononucleosis: This disease, usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), spreads through saliva and is often referred to as “mono” or “the kissing disease.”

What are the benefits of kissing?

  • Kissing can give your immune system a boost.
  • Kissing can lower anxiety.
  • Kissing can help lessen allergic reactions.
  • Kissing can help lower blood pressure.
  • Kissing can help delay signs of aging.
  • Kissing is kind of like a treadmill—for your face.
  • It increases your sex drive.