Quick Answer: Is Pineapple Safe For Horses?

Many people assume that pineapple is an exotic fruit which is poisonous to horses.

However, this sweet fruit is a treat horses love and is an excellent source of Vitamin C for them, too!

When feeding your horse pineapple, take time to remove the core and the outer skin so that your horse does not choke on anything.

Can horses eat pineapple?

Like a runner or tennis player eating bananas, horses may benefit from eating bananas as well. Pineapple: When feeding pineapple, remove the core and the skin. Feed your horse small pieces. Pineapples are an excellent source of vitamin C.

What can horses not eat?

What NOT to Feed Your Horse

  • Caffeine: Coffee, tea and cola contain the stimulant caffeine (trimethylxanthine) which can cause an irregular heart rhythm.
  • Chocolate:
  • Garlic and onions:
  • Tomatoes:
  • Fruit seeds and pits:
  • Dog and cat kibble:
  • Potatoes:
  • House plants:

What fruit can horses have?

Almost any fruits, and many vegetables, are safe treats for healthy horses. Apples and carrots are traditional favorites. You can safely offer your horse raisins, grapes, bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe or other melons, celery, pumpkin, and snow peas.

What human food can horses eat?

IN MODERATION: Carrots, apples, pears, bread, tortillas, bagels, walnuts, cookies (not chocolate chip), squash, lettuce, corn, potatoes (cooked only), oatmeal, beer, champagne, potato chips, rice (cooked only), sugar, plums, apricots, saltines…