How Tight Should A Breastplate Be?

For correct fit, you should be able to slip your fist under the ring at the center of the chest.

Too tight and the breastplate not only inhibits range but also puts pressure on the tree points of the saddle.

Five-pointed Breastplate: Takes into account windpipes and shoulder movement.

How do you fit a 5 point breastplate?

5 Point Breastplate – attaches to the saddle at 5 points; the D rings, the girth and between the legs. Straps should be secure enough to prevent the saddle slipping without restricting movement.

What does a 5 point breastplate do?

Breastplates are commonly used to help keep your saddle in the correct place and prevent it from slipping back. This breastplate has removable running martingale/neck straps which can be threaded through the reins and used to help prevent your horse from raising its head too much.

How do you measure for a breastplate?

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What is a 3 point breastplate?

The 3 Point Breastplates Feature Contrast Stitching, Padding At The Withers And Elastic Inserts At The Shoulders To Allow Movement. The Hunting Breastplate Helps To Prevent The Saddle From Slipping, And Comes With A Running Martingale Attachment That Is Buckled Onto A Ring At The Chest.

How do you fit a horse breastplate?

But be sure it fits: snug enough not to catch a hoof when jumping and not too tight to cut into the horse’s muscles. Once on, you ought to be able to pull up the breastplate three inches above the neck OR fit your fist between the chest and the center ring of the yoke.

How should a running martingale fit?



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