Question: How Long Does A Colt Stay With Its Mother?

six months

What age should a foal leave its mother?

Most people seem to take the mare off work until the foal is weaned. When should a foal be weaned from its dam? The foal should be taken away from its mother between six months and a year after birth.

How long does a baby donkey stay with its mother?

The baby donkey needs to be kept dry at all times. The mother and foal should be together for at least four to six months.

How old can a colt start breeding?

Even though spermatozoa production begins as early as 12 to 14 months of age in most colts, results of numerous research trials recommend waiting until the stallion is 3 years old before using him as a breeding stallion.

How long can foals go without nursing?

The foal will usually stand within one hour of birth and nurse within two hours. If a foal does not nurse within five hours, a veterinarian should be called.