How Do I Update My X2 Transponder?

How much is MyLaps?

MyLaps X2 Transponder Subscription Renewal CardsPart No.DescriptionPrice5001-791MyLaps Subscription Card for Car / Motorcycle X2, 1 Year 5.0$109.005001-792MyLaps Subscription Card for Car / Motorcycle X2, 2 Year$179.005001-795MyLaps Subscription Card for Car / Motorcycle X2, 5 Year$349.006 more rows.

How do I know if my transponder is working?

Via the Speedhive app, you find the status of your transponder. The app is for Android and Apple available. The software will display the expiration date. If you have a different transponder, there is no expiration date and your transponder will work till the battery is empty.

How do I activate my Mylaps Flex transponder?

Answer. You can activate your FLEX subscription by downloading the FLEX Manager software (Windows Only) from your account. Go to with your e-mail address and password. When you go to you will find a button with download Flex Manager.

How do I check my Mylaps subscription?

In your account, the status of your subscription can be found. Login in on and log in with your e-mail address and password.

How do I activate my x2 transponder?

Part 2: Activate the subscription on your transponderStart MYLAPS Connect software and log in. … Connect your X2 RaceKey to your computer.Follow instructions in MYLAPS Connect.Connect your X2 RaceKey to your X2 Transponder or X2 RaceKey Mount.Your license is transferred to your Transponder and you’re good to go!

Why is my Mylaps transponder flashing red?

check transponder LED is flashing RED, indicating it is charging (the cradle LED should flash alternately GREEN and RED). The transponder is fully charged when its LED is constant GREEN (can take up to 16 hours). A full charge provides a minimum of 4 days of use.

How does MyLaps transponder work?

MYLAPS transponders enable you to give each vehicle a unique identification. … When passing over the detection loop, the transponder sends its signal to the loop. The detection loop. The detection loop is embedded into the track surface and picks up each transponder passing.

How do race transponders work?

Transponder timing (also called chip timing or RFID timing) is a technique for measuring performance in sport events. A transponder working on a radio-frequency identification (RFID) basis is attached to the athlete and emits a unique code that is detected by radio receivers located at the strategic points in an event.

How do you activate a transponder?

Activate it! Call 1-800-926- 6500 or activate online at Be prepared to provide the I-PASS serial number and activation code, located on the activation sticker on your transponder.

What do the lights on my x2 transponder mean?

The green LED on the X2 transponder will indicate the number of days the battery will hold. After a full charge cycle (4 hours), the X2 transponder can be used for more than 4 days, this means the green LED will blink 4 times. How do I mount the X2 Transponder to my vehicle?

How do I know if my x2 transponder is working?

The indicator light on the X2 Transponder will be flashing RED fast (5 x per second) to indicate the transponder is not active.

Can you track a transponder?

Can be attached to living Creatures to track their location.