How Can I Tell If My Donkey Is Pregnant?

How long is a donkey’s pregnancy?

Female: 11 – 14 months

How do you know when a donkey is about to give birth?

Shortly before birth, she will also exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

  • Her pelvic muscles will slacken and the bones around the top of her tail will become moveable.
  • The lips of her vulva may swell.
  • She will be more docile than usual.
  • More restless.
  • Have a lack of appetite.

How often does a donkey come into heat?

Puberty is usually attained in one to two years of age. Donkeys seem to display less seasonality reported prolonged estrus, a lower incidence of ovulations during December, shorter estrous cycles from May to September and shorter estrus from May through October.

What do you feed a pregnant donkey?

Feeding Pregnant Donkeys

Her diet consists primarily of pasture or timothy or grass hay, unless she’s in considerable work. Then she may need some grain.